Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz

Abu-Bakr is an Education Consultant, Comparative Sociologist and World Historian in the Black
and African experience from prehistory to the contemporary. He was the first person to run a
Black History Course for this organisation while running a successful Black History Studies
programme at Cardiff University for 9 years and his now a Visiting Senior Fellow Lecture for the
Cardiff School of Social Sciences in Race & Education and Staff Developmental Training. He is
also the BHM workshop lecturer throughout Wales addressing different historical and
social scientific methods on Blacks and Africans throughout the whole year. Abu-Bakr also has his
own private company running Childhood Development and Parenting Skills for ACAP Academy

Some of his black history courses he ran for Universities are: Educational Psychology, Childhood
Development, Gang Culture and Violence, Multicultural Britain, History on Race and Genetics,
Kingdoms of Mother Africa, The Struggle for Black Rights 1600AD to 2009AD and the Rise and
Fall of the Moorish Islamic Empire 300BCE to 1492AD.